Werewolves, wolves, and dogs - Canidae

 The Werewolf - Virlupus monstrum

Close relatives: The werewolves closest relatives are believed to be the timber wolf, gray wolf, dire wolf, and the crocotta.

Note: Ancient Egyptian accounts of Werewolf-like creatures (e.g. Anubis, Set) were likely not of this species, which is exclusively European and American. For the Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and numerous other cultural depictions of "dog-men", see Aliens & SUpernatural Monsters.

The crocotta - Virlupus frendo

Close relatives: The crocotta's close relatives are the werewolf, spotted hyena, cave wolf, and the African wild dog.

Mongooses & small mammals - Mustelidae 

Dragon Weasel/Hydrus -  Mustela ichneumon/Mustela hydrus

They may be two species but they are almost exactly the same thing, only the dragon weasel eats dragons, and the hydrus eats crocodiles.

 Big cats - Felidae

The beast of Bodmin Moor/Exmoor - Panthera pinguis

Though they go by different names, we believe that they are both the same animal. Some have theorized that it may be the world's first black cougar, however this new species is much more closely related to the jaguar.

The spotted lion - Panthera leo maculatus

The woolly cheetah - Acinonyx jubatus guttatus

The maltese tiger -  Panthera tigris

The onza -  Onza onza

The voro - Equus xanthus

See Unicorns.

The cave bear -  Ursus spelaeus

The windigo - Magnuspes pilosus pascivir

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