No they're not really supernatural, but they are definitely different than anything seen on the planet Earth before!

Chupacabra - Erethizontidae

The chupacabra - Minuo chupacabras

Close relatives: You may not believe it, but we at the Cryptid Bestiary believe the closest living relative of the chupacabra is... the porcupine!

Note: It should be known that the species listed here is in fact one of the more easily explained zoological accounts of the Chupacabra. The reptilian species is thought to be extraterrestrial.

The drill sucker - Minuo monachus

 Unidentified Monsters - Hoaxonidae

The Jersey devil - Ardea alba

See Hoaxes.

Note: Ardea alba is the binomial name for the Great Egret, a native of New Jersey. We here at TCB believe that a majority of the alleged Jersey Devil sightings were of large birds such as the egret, however, we do acknowledge the fact that some of the many sightings cannot be written off so easily.

The Dover demon - FAKE

See Hoaxes.

Extraterrestrials - Misc. Genera


The grey - Alienus salutor

The rods/atmospheric jellyfish - ?Cyanea caelum?
We are as-of-yet uncertain as to whether the "rod" phenomena is a valid species, and therefore shall leave this entry largely incomplete.

 Aboriginal Legends

The bunyip - Diprotodon australis

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