Mosasaurs, plesiosaurs & streakks - Strekanidae

The freshwater streakk - Muraenosaurus leedsi

Close relatives: Prehistoric plesiosaurs, along with mosasaurs and dragons.

The saltwater streakk - Plioplatecarpus draco

Close relatives: The saltwater streakk's closest relatives are the mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, dragons, and more distantly to crocodiles.

No official common name - Eonatator mareserpens 

The traditional sea serpent, for years though to be just a sailor's tale. But recent discoveries have revealed that the sea serpent may have really existed, if it doesn't still.

 Whales, fish, aquatic mammals, & miscellaneous creatures

The Lake Van monster - Basilosaurus draco

We have found that our first guess at the identity of the Lake Van creature was wrong. At first guess we thought that it was simply a saltwater streakk that escaped into freshwater, however from eyewitness reports have made us conclude that it is most likely a surviving Basilosaurus.

The saddle-back whale - Cadborosaurus willsi

The megalodon - Carcharodon megalodon

The Giglioli's whale - Amphiptera pacifica

The river seal -  Acrophoca flumen

The emperor sleath - Halsydrus pontoppidani

The Scottish river otter - Lontra vulpes

The flashlight frog - Micolux subluceo 

The lusca - Octopus giganteus 

The Atlantic trident seal - Acrophoca triacuspis

The hog-head whale - Maresus maresus

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