Griffins - Grypidae

The griffin - Gryps grypis

Close relatives: It is said that the griffin is a hybrid between a lion & an eagle, however through research we believe it is simply a large bird with extra legs. Its closest relatives are the golden eagle & the red-tailed hawk.

The hippogriff - Gryps equinus

Close relatives: Basically the same as a griffin, however the hippogriff's relatives are most likely the peregrine falcon & the bald eagle.

The alce - Gryps corneus

Close relatives: The closest relative of the alce is a no-brainer... the griffin!

 Phoenixes - Phoenidae

The phoenix -  Phenii phoenii

Close relatives: The phoenix's closest relatives are without doubt the golden eagle, the red-tailed hawk, the avalerion, and the cinnamon bird.

The avalerion - Phenii aureus

The American rock falcon -  Falco americanus

 Teratorns, vultures, & condors - Teratornithidae

The thunderbird - Argentavis permaximum

Close relatives: The closest relatives of the thunderbird include the Argentavis magnificens, the Andean condor, and the turkey vulture.

Note: This entry refers to the cryptozoological definition of Thunderbird. We here at TCB believe that the Native American accounts of the "Thunderbird" are actually extraterrestrial spacecraft.

 Bats - Vespertilionidae

The giant vampire bat - Desmodus draculae

Close relatives: Easy... the common vampire bat.

 Owls - Strigidae

The great wood-owl - Strix formidilosus

A possible candidate for the infamous Mothman sightings of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, 1966. However, due to recently unearthed evidence, we here at TBC believe that only some of the sightings were of owls. For the unexplained percentage, see Aliens & Supernatural Monsters.

The Cornish emperor owl/American emperor owl - Bubo comleo

A possible explanation of the terrifying Owlman sightings of Cornwall, England. But as with the Mothman, we believe that only some of the sightings were of misidentified owls. For the unexplained remainder, see Aliens & Supernatural Monsters.

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